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Mammals of the Southern Cone
Mammals of the Southern Cone
Albert Martínez Vilalta (ed.)
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Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

This illustrated checklist covers The Southern Cone of South America and its associated islands (Argentinian and Chilean Austral Zone islands, Falklands (Malvinas), Desventuradas Islands and Juan Fernández Archipelago), a region rich in habitat diversity and harboring a corresponding richness of mammalian life. Although not a traditional Field Guide, this book will equip both residents and visitors to the region with an easy-to-use resource to quickly learn all the species of mammals known to occupy the area.

It covers 486 species of mammals, including 17 introduced species with established wild populations (American Beaver, American Mink, Blackbuck, Black-capped Squirrel Monkey, Brown Rat, Chital, Common Fallow Deer, Common Muskrat, Eurasian Wild Pig, European Hare, European Rabbit, House Mouse, Mouflon, Pacific Rat, Pallas’s Squirrel, Roof Rat, and Western Red Deer) and three domesticated ones (Alpaca, Llama, and Water Buffalo). Every species is illustrated, and each is accompanied with a distribution map showing where it occurs in the area. With respect to the domesticated species, Alpaca and Llama have full treatment because of their regional importance, while the Water Buffalo has been included because there are also feral populations that are hunted.


- 486 species, including 17 introduced.
- Texts for each species include common names in English and Spanish, conservation status according to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and the most relevant details about habitats occupied and descriptive notes to facilitate identification.
- Widely used common names in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay are also included.
- Every species account includes also one or more illustrations and a distribution map.

bibliografische Angaben: 2020. 160pp, many colour illustrations and colour distribution maps, softcover.
Verlag: Lynx Edicions
Anmerkungen: based on texts of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World (HMW) series, with minor modifications and updates. Illustrators: Toni Llobet, Ilian Velikov, Blanca Martí, Àlex Mascarell, Faansie Peacock, Francesc Jutglar, Lluís Sogorb